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Learning exprience you will have in our University

The UTAA Faculty of Management is designed as a regional center of excellence in the education of top professionals and a leading institution for research activities in aviation and logistics management. Our departmental curriculum trains students from all parts of the Middle East and Eastern Europe so that they gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications necessary to add value to a global sector that is undergoing rapid development.
The main determinant of competitive edge in the global economy is human resources. For this reason, we emphasize certain aspects of the overall education experience so that students may benefit from the following:

  • An international faculty with globally competitive academic and business experience
  • Cooperative arrangements with leading overseas institutions and universities
  • Cooperative arrangements with the leading companies in the sector
  • A formal career advising structure to provide students with continual interaction and support on career alternatives. Including partnerships for placement and internships.

The faculty develops a platform which will facilitate the graduates to possess skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for an aviation manager in a globalized economy.