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Dr. Sertif DEMİR

 Associate Professor
 Head of Logistics Management Department  

Dr. Sertif Demir received B.A. in Economics and Management in Turkish Military Academy in Ankara, M.A. in Department of International Relations, Faculty of Economic, Istanbul University and Ph.D in Faculty of Economics, Istanbul University. He also graduated from the Military College in Istanbul and received the second M.A. on securıty  While worked as an active officer he was employed in various NATO Headquarters and participated in several piece support operations; SFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, KFOR in Kosovo, and ISAF in Afghanistan. He also worked as logistics staff officer in national and NATO HQs. He planned and implemented many logistics activities, arranged and conducted logistics seminars, logistics exercises and conferences. He has granted Associate Prof title in 2014. After teaching in several universities, he has joined THK University, Faculty of Business Administration, Logistics Management Department at the fall semester 2017-2018 as an Associate Prof. Dr.  He has written book, book chapters, and numerous articles concerning his expertise fields.

Telefon: 444 84 58 – 6166


Associate Professor
Business Administration Department

PhD. Suat BEGEÇ graduated from Kuleli Military High School on 1979 and Army Military Academy on 1983. At the same time he has license diploma from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration on 2007 and Pre-license diploma from Justice Vocational School on 2016. He has master degree from MBA on 1999 and Ph.D. from Management and Organization on 2004. In 2015, he was promoted to Associate Professor at Strategy and Management.
He terminated with commandant list from Infantry Officer Advance Course (Ft-Benning, USA). He has taught at Uludag, Aksaray, Çag, Toros and Turiba / Latvian Universities. He was the Head of the Center for Excellence Defense Against Terrorism (CoE-DAT) and Dean of Strategic Research Committee of Military History and Strategic Research Presidency
Since December 2016, he has been working as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Areas of Practice: Management and Organization, Strategic Management, Defense and Security Management

Phone: 444 84 58

Dr. Göknur Arzu Akyüz

Logistics Management Department

Assistant Prof. Dr. Göknur Arzu Akyüz has received her Bs Degree from METU Industrial Eng. Department in 1992. For 12 years, she has taken on various roles related with Production Planning and Control, Enterprise Resources Planning and Quality Management at different companies operating in different sectors (ASELSAN, TEPE Grup, EMEK Elektrik, Interfarma, MITAŞ); and she has actively participated in various system-level implementation projects (Material Management System, Quality Management System and Enteprise Resources Management Systems). In 2004, she has started working in Atılım University Industrial Engineering as a full-time instructor. During 2004-2015, she has taught various courses (Production Planning and Control, Quality Management, Simulation, System Design, Engineering Cost Analysis) in this department. She holds a Ms Degree in Computer Engineering  (Atılım University, 2004) and a PhD degree in MODES (Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems, Atılım University, 2012)
She has joined THK University, Faculty of Business Administration, Logistics Management Department at the beginning of fall semester 2015-2016 as an Assistant Prof. Dr. Her academic research interests include Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management and e-collaboration.

Phone: 444 84 58 – 6169

Dr. Alper Bahadır DALMIŞ

Research Assistant

Business Administration Department

Dr. Alper Bahadır Dalmış was graduated from Karadeniz Technical University Department of Economy. After graduation, he started to master degree program in University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Department of Management. Then, March 2018 he completed his doctorate program in management. He is still working as a Dr. Research Assistant in our University.

Phone: 444 84 58 – 6167


Logistics Management Department

Esra Hasdemir working in the field of air transportation has a good command of English, German and Spanish at intermediate level. She completed her undergraduate study at Gazi University Department of Econometrics as an honor student in 2007. During her undergraduate study, she studied at FH-Kufstein Tirol University in Austria for one academic year as part of her undergraduate study.
She began her graduate study at Gazi University, Institute of Social Sciences Department of Economic Growth and Development in 2012 and completed her graduate study with her thesis on air cargo transportation in 2012. She is still a PhD student at Gazi University Department of Econometrics.
Her academic interests are transportation economics (air transportation), growth and development economics and econometrics. Hasdemir is also a member of UTAA Air Logistics Application and Research Center, Logistics Documentation Center, UTAA Bologna Commission, and she is the co-advisor of Logistics and Foreign Trade Student Club.

Phone: 444 84 58 – 6174
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Elif Tuğba ŞAHİN

Research Assistant 

Aviation Management Department

Elif Tuğba Şahin is working as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Business Administration at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Gazi University. She completed her Master Education with the thesis in the marketing field. She still continues her PhD education at the Department of Business Administration at Institute of Social Sciences, Hacettepe University. Her research interests are consumer behaviour and brand management.
Phone: 444 84 58 – 6149

Halil Hazar EMEKSİZ

Research Assistant
Business Administration Department
Hazar Emeksiz was graduated from Bilkent University department of Political Science in 2014. After undergraduate education, he started to master degree program in University of Turkish Aeronautical Association department of management.  In college years, he attended some varieties of educational seminars in Capital Markets Board of Turkey and made internship in Ministry of Foreign Affairs Center for Strategic Research. He has been working as a Research Assistant faculty of Business Administration in our university since 2014.
Phone: 444 84 58 – 6357


Research Assistant
Logistics Management Department
Aslı Emine Ertuğrul has completed her undergraduate at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Department of Aviation Management. She has been working in Logistics Management Department as a research assistant since November 2017. Currently, she is a master degree student at Gazi University Department of Industrial Engineering.
Phone: 444 84 58 – 6168